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Product Description

We invite you, one of the many on this earth who are calling in their heart to receive deep and graceful support to create a more peaceful, loving, creative, abundant and sustainable reality for yourselves and each other, to become a companion member of the Divine University Project.

As a companion member you receive profound, gentle and lasting assistance from the company of angels and enlightened beings in your own home through the Divine Assistance programs that have been created by some of the blessed teachers and healers of the Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness. You become a companion in a universal and global group consciousness of divine human and enlightened beings that hold in their vision a peaceful and harmonious world and give energy and skills in their own lives to make this a physical reality for many on this earth.

By choosing two Divine Assistance programs you open yourself to receive energetic and healing assistance from the spiritual realms to uplift the quality of specific areas in your life.

As a Companion Member you receive a choice of two out of five Divine Assistance Programs of profound healing in your own home for:

1. Cleansing your home environment

2. Clearing your chakras and energy body

3. Freeing yourself from depression, grief & anger

4. Transforming your relationships

5. Regenerating your physical body & health

You can view information about these by following this link

You will receive the two programs of your choice for one year, in order to gracefully integrate the powerful energies that are brought to you in the highest way that will benefit you. At the end of this year you may renew your membership. At this time you may choose to continue to receive the same programs if you feel these would serve you most in your life, or you may choose two new programs that will offer you assistance and support for different energies in your life.

Companion Members also receive regular updates with the latest news on the Academy’s development, educational and healing programs, special events and the Divine Assistance programs.

A proportion of the membership fees enables us to extend our support to groups of beings that are less fortunate in the world via our Charitable Programs and Services.

** After your order has been completed please allow 2-3 days to be emailed your programs.


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